#125   13-07-2012

Margie B. Etter

Thank you and your sons very much.
May the Lord bless you for this.
I wish I had a photo of them for you.

#124   13-07-2012

Charles Gillispie

Andy seen where you were looking for pictures of James Rothwell White, this is my wife's family the white's, believe I have a picture of James while he was in the miltary, if i can find it will sent if you would like it.
Charlie, we live about 4 miles south of Moberly

#123   13-07-2012

Major (ret) Timothy S. Cooke

Thank you, deeply and sincerely.
National Commander Scottish-American Military Society www.s-a-m-s.org

#122   13-07-2012

Lona Laughlin Boudreaux

What a beautiful site you have created. Thank you so much.
If I find any information on Harry Gordon Simmons Jr, I will let you know

#121   13-07-2012

Mary Miller

What a wonderful thing you are doing.
There are some Trumps in this area. I live a short distance from Shawsville Va. USA.
I can check to see if Paul Wilderson Trump has relatives there.
Thanks again! Mary Miller- Christiansburg, Va. USA

#120   13-07-2012

Loretta Eichmann

Thankyou for this great web page I am sure their family is happyto see this great work

#119   12-07-2012


Hello Andy, Thank you so much for thinking of those men.
I had a friend who was a B-17 over Africa.
He later became my boss. Let me hear from you please.
Paul in Tampa, FL

#118   28-06-2012

Kristen Beers Stuart

I am the granddaughter of one of the soldiers mentioned on this site and wonder if there is a way to find more information about him and his other missions. Thanks so much!

#117   23-06-2012

Danny Dohmen

Hele mooie site.
Hier mag je echt trots op zijn.
Zeer gedetailleerd.
Ik heb er van genoten Danny

#116   12-06-2012

Robert W Beers Jr

I thank whoever compiled this.
Now my son, RWB III and daughter now have a record of my Dad'slast flight.
If Lt.s Byrne son reads this, I want to thank him for showing my daughter this site.
Bob Beers Update on Robert W. Beers.
Dad died in 1974 after serving a career in the USAF, and, along with my Mother, is buried at West point.

#115   22-05-2012

Charlie Robinson

Found my father Charles E. Robinson Jr. 19028063.
He was born in 1920 and passed in 2000.
Thanks Andy for a great website

#114   11-05-2012

Ed & Anita

We hebben weer eens zitten pluizen op je website, geweldig mooi hoor.
En veel werk zien we.
We hebben onze adoptiegraven nu ook onlie geplaatst, nog niet helemaal af maar we werken eraan.
Succes verder en groeten van ons.

#113   04-05-2012

Nico Knol

Each year I bring yelow roses on the 4th of may (remembering the dead of WW2 in Holland) and the 11th of december, the day 2nd Lt F.B. Robinson died in action.B-17G " Penny's Thunderhead " 42-31098 614th, 11 December 1943 Mission #4 Target: Emden.
I adopted his grave to thank him because he gafe his life for my freedom Still hope to find family of him in Texas, but it's hard to finf them because of privacy rules in the US.
I want to let them know he's still in good hands after so many years

#112   03-05-2012

Loretta Byrne Schumacher

I never knew this infomration about my Uncle Howard Elliot Byrne, co-pilot of the B-17G "Little Boots" 42-31193 615th Mission #17, 29 January 1944, Target: Frankfurt.
That he was shot down and was a POW along with 4 others. 5 other men died in the mission.
Thank you so much for providing the document and the interviews.
I ran into my uncle's dog tag and camp internment record/photo in family belongings when the last of those living in my Missouri family died.
I'm going to enjoy reading the other messages left here.

#111   14-02-2012

Elaine Robinson Adler

What a wonderful website!!!!
My father's cousin Glenn Van Syckle was the pilot in the plane.
Growing up in New Jersey, we always had a yellowed, tiny newspaper clipping in our strong box announcing he had been taken a prisoner of war.
I never knew the entire story and became curious.
How terrific when I googled his name and this sight came up.
I will share it with other family members including my daughter who is a navy LT.

#110   09-02-2012

judith wenger

thank you for this information.
lt. john wenger the bombadier on 'nobody's baby,' was my uncle.
My family was unable to find out much information about him.
The records facility where his records were kept burned in the 1960s.
I appreciate this site and information and intend to visit the wall of the missing on a future trip to europe.

all the best, judith

#109   07-12-2011

Ann Boskovich

My Uncle was Lucas Harry Sprinker, navigator of the B-17G 'Flak Rat' that was shot down in France 31 December, 1943.
He passed away October, 20, 1978.
He would rarely speak of his POW days.
I know he fractured his leg badly, and that is why he was a POW in Stalag LuftI.
I saw that most of the crew this was their first mission.
Was it the first mission for my uncle Luke?

Thanks. Ann Boskovich Seattle

#108   06-09-2011

Mark Scanlon

My father, Wm. M. (Bud) Scanlon served as bombardier in the 401st BG, 613th and 615 BS completing 30 missions with the Shackleford, Keeling, Garton and Speer crews from Aug 44-Apr 45.
Any info on him and his crews is appreciated.
I'm searching especially for any details on Mission 191, 5 Jan 45 to Koblenz where the record shows the Garton crew had to ditch in Y-29.

Thanks very much! MS

#107   04-09-2011

P.J. Sullivan

My father was shot down on a later Merseburg raid date Nov.21, 1944
But was able to land in Belgium,thus saving both aircraft 'Mrs.Aldaflak' and crew
All surviving members came to his memorial service
I'm just beginning to understand why


#106   11-08-2011

Mark D Scanlon

William M Scanlon, 0771978, flew 30 missions as bombardier in the 401 BG; 613 and 615 BS.
His crews were led by Lt Shackleford, Lt Keeling and Lt. Speer.
His A2 sports 'Maximum Effort' 43-38267, although he flew on several different B-17Gs.
Any information you can provide on my father and his crew-mates is appreciated.

Thank you. Mark D Scanlon

#105   02-08-2011

irving slotnick

Sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My uncle Max Slotnick was the tail gunner on the B-17G ' NOBODY'S BABY'
They were shot down by heavy flak on their return from Frankfurt.
The men in other planes said that the entire crew bailed out safely.
At that time the nazis had roving bands of thugs to kill these men on the ground.
It was their 20th mission.
We grew up together and I regarded him as my elder brother.
I always felt I was in the wrong war.
I served in the Korean 'police action' as a combat medical corpsman.

With utmost respect. Irv Slotnick

#104   20-07-2011

Ann Mercer Mitchell

I would love to contact anyone who remembers my father, a pilot named Elmer W Mercer.

#103   11-06-2011

Ed & Anita

Hallo Een mooie website en ook prachtig wat U doet, deze mannen mogen zeker niet vergeten worden.
We willen ook 1 of 2 graven adopteren maar we staan op de wachtlijst.

#102   09-06-2011

Steve Biggs

I'm the son of Clarence Biggs.
He was right waist gunner on the B-17-G Pee-Tey-Kuh 42-31033.
Two things I would like to know if possible.
- First what does the Indian name on the plane mean in english?
- And did this plane have any nose art?

#101   28-05-2011

Wim Robroek

Dear Andy Nice website.
We adopted a grave on the cementry of Margraten.
Name Thomas B Cole from Louisiana, SGT 613 Bomb SQ, died 8 mai 1944.
We like to know were I can find more information about this brave soldier.

Wim Robroek

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