#100 !!    30-04-2011

Tiffany Vigil

Thank you for this website.
I was touched and amazed to find this information on my Great Uncle Ernie (Ernest Hansen).
Tiffany Vigil

#99   27-04-2011

Guy A. Jolly

MACR 2275: In November 1989 I met the Pilot of the plane referenced in MACR 2275-1st Lt. Glenn Van Syckle while performing Army Reserve duty at Ft. Monmouth, NJ.
Glenn was a civilian employee there.
He allowed me to copy his Stalag Luft #1 Diary (YMCA Version) as well as a recently personal history of WWII that he had recorded.
Being a POW Historian I enjoyed this very much.
I also had some POW history of Stalag Luft 1 that I shared with him during my tour.
Copy available.
This is a 'great site'. Keep up the good work.

#98   02-04-2011

Reinard Hofsink

Enorm mooi verhaal over deze dappere mannen!
Ik ben geboren aan de tottenhamstraat, wanneer ik met mijn fiets naar mijn opa ging kwam ik door de colenbranderbos naar mijn opa die in heemserveen woonde, het verhaal over dit ongeval vertelde hij wel is over, er zou zelfs een brokstuk bij hem in het land gelegen hebben.
Onlangs kreeg ik het boek over maid to order waar ook veel over deze crash in staat.
Respect voor deze dappere mannen van maid to order!

Mooie site andy!

#97   22-02-2011

David Cawthron

Andy Thank you for your posting of the complete MACR.
My uncle Hubert Reasoner was a ball turret gunner in Flak Rat (437770) and was killed on the Conac mission, his first combat flight.
His sister, my mother has Alzheimer's so the memories are fading now.
Bless you for keeping them alive.

Thanks again.

#96   20-02-2011

Peggy Majos

Hello,My name is Peggy (Halpin) Majos.
I was looking on your site and found my father, Ronald C. Halpin listed.
Sadly, I wanted to inform you that he passed away on June 13, 2008.
He lived a good life, to the fullest.
He was a wonderful man and is greatly missed.
Thank you for taking the time to create this web site to remember our heroes!

Again, Thank you! Peggy Majos

#95   16-02-2011

Norbert Jonkers

66 years ago.... I've recovered what's left of the B-17'Mail to Order' and figured out what happend, what those guys who flew this bomber went through.... they gave their lifes practacly in my backyard!
I'm trying to get the recovered parts on display at our local historical 'museum' in Dedemsvaart, with support of Herman Redder who wrote the book; The fatale mision of the 'Mail To Order' on february 16, 1945.

#94   26-01-2011

Paul J Sullivan

I am the son of Capt. P.J. Sullivan.
Doing some research,my dad was shot down on the 21nov. 1944 Merseburg raid


#93   10-01-2011

Tom Singleton

My Uncle J.H. Singleton was the pilot of Canwt Miss.
His is still with us and lives in Orlando Fl.
He also flew B47 and crashed one at Pine Castle AFB Orland Fl later McCoy AFB Named after Col Mike McCoy now Orlando International Airport MCO designation.
J H was his real name and we call hin John although he had only initials for name.
Anyone who has pictures it would be appreciated.

Thank you. tom singleton. he will be 91 in June 2011 if God Will

#92   29-12-2010

Tom Merril

I thank you!
I served in the US Army during the Cold War.
I was stationed in Munich West Germany with the 66th MI GP.


#91   24-12-2010

Guy A. Jolly

Great site.
I met the Pilot of plane described in MACR 2275 during my Army Resderve career and he allowed me to copy his YMCA Diary he did during his POW days at Stalag Luft 1 at Barth, Germany.
Have corresponded with the Co-Pilot's family and sent them your website.
This is an outstanding site and I enjoy it very much as a self described POW historian.

#90   18-12-2010

Steven W. Biggs

I am the yougest of three sons of Clarence Biggs.
He never talked much about when he was in the war.
I've found out more since he died. [June 1986,age 71]

#89   21-11-2010

Michael Sprinker

Hello, Thanks for putting this site together!
My father was Lucas Sprinker, Navigator on the 'Flak Rat' 42-37770 614th.
He was a POW in Stalag-Luft One following his capture after this mission.
He was liberated by the Red Army in May 1945.
He died in 1978, very likely as a partial result of his injuries suffered to his leg during his landing (I think he hit a tree on his way down by parachute)
He had severe damage to his leg and had to be turned over after a day or so as he needed a hospital and surgery.

Again, thanks very much for this site! Michael Sprinker

#88   15-11-2010

Bryan Wyman

This is a avery nice website you have put together.
Thanks for all you have done.
Bryan Wyman (Great Nephew of Lonnie Karcher)

#87   14-11-2010

Mark Brumback

Hello, I am trying to find information about my great Uncle Carl Hinkle.
He was a b-17 pilot with the 401st and I was trying to find pictures and other information.

#86   22-09-2010

Joseph Mehalshick, Jr

It was interesting to see some history of my father on your website.
I was able to authenticate the story that I heard that only 5 parachutes were spotted jumping from the plane.
Thank you for honoring these men.

#85   05-09-2010

Maurice Rockett

Flew on March 8, returning without difficulty.
Questions did you ever finish your website?
IF you were 160 miles outside of Berlin, why do you identiffy wih Belin?
Out of curiosity, do you have any idea as to he number of guns covering the ciy?
Maurice, 95BG 12/13/43 to 04/29/44

#84   30-08-2010

Kitty Fasching

My Dad Joseph C. Jay was the left waist gunner on the Shade Ruff.
POW. Resides in West Columbia, South Carolina

#83   29-06-2010

Phyllis Morreale-de la Garza

Seeking information about my cousin Staff Sgt. John P. Morreale, 401 Bomber Group, 613th Bomb Squad, Radio operator, Down January 30, 1944, Brunswick, Germany.
We have his MACR from the National Archives, but looking for information with regard to his downed plane, burial in German cemetery, and location and removal back to U.S. details.
Anything about John is of value to us.

#82   23-06-2010

Michael Maher

My Father William P. Maher was the Co-Pilot on the other plane shot down on april 20, 1944

#81   02-06-2010

Arlyn Aronson

My uncle was on the B-17G 42-38162, 614th 9 April 1944, Mission #47 Target: Marienburg, Germany. http://www.remember-our-heroes.nl/3940.htm
He was the left waist gunner there aircraft was shot down near the end of the war and all the crew was lost.
So I of course never new him.
I'm his name sake.
Thanks to who assembled this site and to the men and women who gave so much for our freedom.
I'm among those who appreciate it.

#80   31-05-2010

Robert Harris

William Robert Jarrett was my first cousin once removed and as a young boy I saw him off at the train station in Sandusky, Ohio.
We operated a hog farm and contracted with the U.S. Army to haul garbage from a prison camp called Camp Perry in Ohio.
This camp had 2,500 German and 2,000 Italian prisoners.
As a young boy I was welcomed into the camp and always left with great German pastries.
At the time I could not understand why so many of the presionors wept when they saw me.
Thanks so much for this great information.

Be Blessed. Robert Harris

#79   09-04-2010

Sandra Tompkins

Lee Sanford Miller was my uncle.
I was named for him as his nickname was Sandy.
I would appreciate any information that you have about him.

#78   07-04-2010

Otha H Vaughan Jr

My uncle was a ball turret gunner and the 401st aircraft 'You All Right' was shot down and he survived.
I have information that I would like to share with you.
Check out my web site: http://www.knology.net/~skeetv/ There I have a tribute to my uncle.

#77   10-02-2010

Kathy Gagliano

This is an excellent website, I am very glad I found it.
My father was a ball turret gunner in the 401st.
S/SGT Eugene H. Hall, USAAF 8th AF, 1st Air Division, 401st Bombardment Group (H)
His story is on my blog: http://teenageairwarrior.blogspot.com/
He is currently 85 years old (2/9/10) and has shared his experience in his own words on my blog site from a document he put together.
I simply entered it on the computer.
I hope you visit and read his story.
Thank you very much for what you are doing.

#76   29-01-2010

Lynne DiBerto

Thank you so much for all of your amazing hard work on this most memorable site.
This has meant a lot to my Dad Fred DiBerto who always wondered about his 'big cousin' and where he disappeared to.
I am 45 years old but I do remember my Aunt Anna (Joe DelTorto's Mom) always being sad and never really knowing what happened in detail and never being able to put closure on his death.
This is most kind of you, and truly inspirational!
My Dad never had the pleasure of meeting his 'big cousin' and only heard conversations about his heroism.

Sincerely, Lynne DiBerto 2nd cousin to Joe DelTorto

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