#75   05-01-2010

James Ross

Thank you very much for what you are doing.
My grandfather Buddy Noah Keith was a gunner on the Bosch Buster/Heaven Can Wait.
He was shot down but was lucky to return home after being interned in Switzerland.
I have many photos I can email if interested.
Again thank you.

#74   03-01-2010

Tiffany Pietrowski

My uncle was 'Radio Operator Kenneth Arthur Terroux S/Sgt 31258426 POW'.
I am trying to locate as much information on: B-17G ' Battlin' Betty ' 42-39847 614th 11 April 1944 Mission # 49 Target: Politz, Sorau , Germany.
He has since passed and I have his diary and would like to do some research and archive his informartion and story.

Thank you.

#73   03-01-2010

Tom Haakinson

My Dad Robert A. Haakinson flew with the 615th Bomb Group in World War 2.
He now resides in Martinez, Georgia.
My grandfather was Lt. Thomas Cameron.

#72   01-01-2010

Katie Chambers

My grandfather was Lt. Thomas Cameron.
This was very interesting to read.
Thank you. My grandpa was a real hero in my eyes.

Katie Chambers.

#71   12-11-2009

Jessica Bond

Hello Sir, I am sorry it has been so long since I was in contact with you.
I am Raymond Millers grandaughter and currently stationed in Germany.
My mother (his daughter) is coming to visit in December and we would like to visit the crash site and the Margraten Cemetery.
If possible, It would be wonderful to meet Mr. Redder and yourself as well.
Please let me know if this is possible.
Thank you again for all you have done to honor these men.
Yesterday I visited Luxembourg Cemetery with my family and was so moved by the rows of crosses.
I look forward to seeing this part of my families history.

Take care, thank you again. Jessica Bond

#70   18-10-2009

Pat O'Brien

I am the daughter of Mario Nicholas Santangelo.
My son was looking up information re WWII and found this website..
My Dad died 13yrs ago but is survived by my mother, my 3 brothers and 10 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren and one more on the way.
We just wanted to thank you for taking the time to honor these men of WWII..
The detail is amazing and we are forever grateful!

With appreciation, Pat

#69   16-10-2009

Diane Breininger

I just happened to GOOGLE my uncle's name and your note popped up.
I am Marshall Breininger's neice. His younger brother Carl was my father.
Both brothers served in WWII.
I never met my uncle Marshall because I was not yet born when he died.
When he died, he was survived by his mother (Annie), sister (Mabel), brother (Carl), and youngest sister (Anna).
My father passed away in 2004; however, Anna Breininger Kutz is still living.
She lives in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.
I want to thank you very much for taking care of his grave.
You have no idea how much that means to me and his family.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

Again, thank you. Diane Breininger

#68   29-08-2009

Bertus Bergmans

Was afgelopen week op vakantie in Reezerveen en zag bij het uitlaten van de honden een klein ingetogen monumentje in de bossen dat herinnerde aan de crash van de B17 op 16 februari 1945.
Great, dat ik op deze site nog even kan lezen hoe het gebeurde en wie er bij betrokken waren!

#67   28-07-2009

tom schweska

hi my name is tom schweska my dad joe schweska died in 2002.
And I don't know alot about his war time years but would like to know more or anyone who knew him!!!!
All I know is he was in the 401 bomb group in deenethorpe england and his squadron was either 613 or 614??????
I would appriciate any information about him or friends that knew him,pics stories etc.
Thank you very much.

#66   07-07-2009

Kyle Stewart

Hello, My Grandpa Robert Andrus was with the 612th Unit under the 401st.
His B-17 'Bonnie Donnie' was Shot down May 28th 1944.
I would like to meet other veterans whom I could stay in touch with.
SGT Stewart/ ARMY, Thanks for the site.

#65   06-07-2009

Michael Morrissey

Thanks for the site.
My dad John Morrissey was a waist gunner and went down in Apr. 11, 1944 and was in Stalag XVIIB.
He is still living and full of stories.
It won't be long before even all those guys who did make it home are memories.
Again, thank you.
I'm retired Navy and was a river rat in Vietnam and wife, Air Force 'brat,' served in Desert Storm in Saudi.
Military runs deep.

#64   04-07-2009

Kate Rothwell Russell

I am the Niece of Frank Rothwell.
I would like any information that I can find.
I am I am gathering info for a family tree.
Thank you for your kind consideration.

Sincerely, Kate Rothwell-Russell

#63   08-06-2009

Becky Merkord

Henry L. Bargfrede was my uncle, finding this web site with a picture of him was amazing for me and my mother.
She has wanted to visit his grave site, but never has had the opportunity.
Thank you for this information.

#62   31-05-2009

Nancy Bell Cranmore

Hello, my uncle, (my mother's brother) was B17 Pilot Lt. Ernest Arden Hansen.
Plane was 'Maid to Order' (Missing Air Craft Report MACR #12444
I have some of his original pictures and many of theh letters he wrote to my mother and my grandparents (his parents).
I would really love to have any further information you may have.
My mother and grandparents are all deceased and it appears all of his crew except for possibly one, have also passed away.
Do you know how to contact his crew memeber Morrison?
Thank you so much for this site.

Nancy Bell Cranmore

#61   24-05-2009

Vic Walzel

A wonderful site and thank you so much for adopting these heroe's graves.
My brother is buried in Ardennes and his grave has been adopted there.
We can never say thanks enough to the people of The Netherlands and Belgium for their kindness in adopting these graves.
May you be rewarded in Heaven for your kindness.

#60   05-05-2009

Dennis en Gerda

Hoi Andy
We hebben al een aantal keer je website bekeken.
Een schitterende website met een heel mooi eerbetoon aan jullie soldaten, RESPECT!
Groeten, Dennis en Gerda

#59   23-04-2009

Donna Peck Burden

I am the great niece of 2nd Lt. John Lane Peck, co-pilot of this ship...
He is still living!
I just wanted to thank you for posting this.
This was the first chance I ever had to learn of this flight and mission.
Uncle Lane never speaks of it much.

#58   16-04-2009

Ed Wallach

This is Ed Wallach from Katy TX.
I am looking to contact my buddies who flew with me and was shot down over Berlin Germany 3/6/44.
I live in TX now and looking to make contact.

ED WALLACH 281 395 8222

#57   16-04-2009

Wayne Roberts

Andy, Great website!.
My grandfather, Sgt. Everett Stanley was the ball turret gunner on 'The Saint And Ten Sinners' (Butterfoss crew) that was shot down over Holland on April 29, 1944.
I have some photos of the crew and plane if interested.

#56   12-04-2009

sal salvo

Do you have any more information that you can pass along to me about the 'Salvo Sadie' B-65446ac Pictures if you can find them.

Thank you Mr. Salvatore J. Salvo

#55   03-04-2009

Tom Gray

Hello, Fantastic site.
I have been researching my grandfather's plane and stumbled upon this site.
I have downloaded most if not all of his MACR and have started to look through it all.
I hope I can find as many details in it as some of the pages you have on here.

#54   25-03-2009

Joel Anderson

Thank you for this.
One of my brother's Googled our father's name (Fred G. Anderson, today would have been his birthday) and found your page on the mission when he was shot down

#53   15-03-2009

Arjan Korterink

Hallo Andy.
Ik wil je bij deze bedanken voor de informatie die ik van je mocht ontvangen voor mijn artikel in het Air War Bulletin 1939-1945.
Ik zal proberen een Bulletin voor u te bemachtigen.
Verder heeft u een goede en informatieve site.

Groeten, Arjan.

#52   10-03-2009

Rick Kaufman

Hello Andy.
Hello from America. My father (Richard H. Kaufman) was pilot of 'Penny's Thunderhead'.
Dad was from Wisconsin and was born in 1919.
THANK YOU for having this on the internet.
I would be interested in any copies you have of original documents.
The images of engravings and notes from missing logs bring tears to my eyes.

Regards, Rick Kaufman

#51   10-02-2009

Dardenne Jean

Hello Andy.
Sac hound 42-31467 crashed in my garden (not really but 200 meters) on march 02 1944.
I met the pilot 3 times, the bomber 2 times and children of Falk and Conway a few times.
I have pictures of memorial ceremony, reports of the crash by germans,pictures of german pilot,but no picture of the complet crew or of the plane.
I'm ok to talk about Sac hound with everybody who is interested.
Before flying Sac Hound they crashed Nasty Habit 42- 31090 (sorry for my English, As belgium people I'm suppose to practice fluent dutch but....)

Regards, Dardenne Jean

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