#50   18-01-2009

James Dickey Post 23

Hello Andy.
We, here at Post 23 appreciate what you have done for our boys over there.
Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Regards, James Dickey Post 23

#49   02-12-2008

Edward Willens

Hello Andy.
Thank you for taking the time to honor those young men who gave their all.
It has taken my family over 60 years to find out how my uncle was killed.
My grandmother, Freddies mother, his sisters and brothers never knew how he was killed and now they are all gone and hopefully with Fred now..

I was a soldier during the Vietnam Conflict and I appreciate what you are doing for my brethren.
Regards,Ed Willens

#48   27-11-2008

Hans-Joachim Bontkes

Hallo Andy.
Deze website, als oud vliegtuig-en scheepsradio-telegrafist met belangstelling doorgenomen.
Bewondering voor deze mensen.
Zelf was ik in voormalig Nederlands Nieuw Guinea (1960/62) 'airborne' met een Neptune P2V7B van de MLD in een luchtactie met een Indonesisch schip betrokken welke infiltranten aan de zuidkust bij Merauke had afgezet.
Kan mij dus enigszins voorstellen wat deze helden hebben doorgemaakt.

#47   23-11-2008

John Bessems

Hoi Andy.
Jullie hebben als gezin een mooi site.
Veel en mooie verhalen.

Groetjes John

#46   23-11-2008

Edward Willens

Hi Andy.
Question: My Uncles, SGT.d Monnes was KIA on his mission to Lipez, 2/20/1944.
From what I have read on this website, the German officer who interigated the crew of my uncles plane said the they, the germans has found the bodies of my uncle and the other Sgt, waist gunner...
Then why are my uncle and the waist gunner listed as MIA?
What was done with SGt Fred Monnes and the other SGT's Body?
I await your response

Sincerely, Ed Willens

#45   15-11-2008

Vance Eller

Hi Andy.
A very nice website.
It means a lot to the families of these men who gave their lives.
My wife's uncle, S/SGT Eldon E. Leavitt was a ball-turrent gunner on a B-17G.
I have spent alot of time on the internet searching for any information about him.
I appreciate your work.
I am very interested in the history of WW2.
I would love to visit Germany.
I have a large amount of material on WW2 aviation.
Please keep up the nice work!

Vance Eller

#44   11-11-2008

Bob Blossman

Hi Andy.
My brother, Allen Blossman, Bombadier was killed in a B17 'Hell's Bells' in 1943 over Gelsenkirchen.
Another brother died over France a year later in a B26, hit by ground fire.

#43   22-10-2008

Nancy Neag Satalino

Hi Andy.
I appreciate the work that has gone into this site, and especially enjoyed the information and photos presented.
My Dad passed away several years ago, but is still missed greatly by family and friends.
Thank you.

#42   20-09-2008

Dennis Hermsen

He Andy.
Ik heb jouw site met bewondering door gekeken , prachtig , echt waar.
De verdere reacties uit het gastenboek spreken al voor zich , echt indrukwekkend.


#41   25-07-2008

Jack Kuyten

He Andy Mooie heldere site.
Geweldig om ons als bezoekers van je site deelgenoot te maken van het leven en de achtergrond van je geadopteerde soldaten, en de bijdrage die zij geleverd hebben in WWII.
Ga zo door!

Groet Jack

#40   03-07-2008

Dennis de Munck

Prachtige site over 401st Bomb Group.
De site maakt me enthousiast om door te bladeren.


#39   12-06-2008

Virginia Wimer

Ernie Hansen wrote to me the night before he died on this, his 33rd mission.
Thank you for the great website in honor of this crew.


#38   09-06-2008

Sebastiaan Vonk

Een geweldige website Andy, mijn complimenten!
Een site waar veel werk in zit en waar veel info op te vinden is over 'jouw' soldaten en over de 401st Bomb Group!
Ga hier mee door!

Groet, Sebastiaan

#37   23-05-2008

Marian Presswood

Dear Andy,
Thanks to all the volunteers who so lovingly care for our fallen heroes' graves who died so far from their homeland!
I recently helped find family information for Torrence White whose family still lives near Polk County North Carolina, Torrence is buried at Margraten
May God Bless!


#36   21-05-2008

Valerie Ontiveroz

Hi Andy,
First, though, I would like to tell you thank you.
Thank you very much for taking care of my father's site and offering a tribute to him on your website.
It is sad to say that I know very little about my Grandfather and happy to have learned a little more from you.
Again, thank you for everything that you have done, it means so much to me and my sister and brother and I know it would make my father very proud.

Sincerely, Valerie ( granddaughter of Gustavo Ontiveroz )

#35   18-04-2008

April Boerstler

Dear Andy,
I was so glad to have been able to help.
I must " THANK YOU ", for your website tribute to to the World War II fallen heros, & for all that you have done, and for what you are continuing to do.
You are a very special person,
Thank you.

April L. Boerstler.( photo volunteer find a grave )

#34   14-04-2008

Jim and Marguerite Griffith

Dear Mr. Andy Swinnen,
First of all, thank you for caring for Johnny Reardon's grave.
It is nice to know someone is doing this.
He and I graduated from high school the same year--1940.
We were also in a class play together.
As far as we know, there are no relatives around here.
His parents, one brother and two sisters are gone.

My husband knew him and thought highly of him, too.
We all went to school in the town of Graceville, Minnesota, which is near the town of Johnson.

Sincerely,Jim and Marguerite Griffith

#33   09-04-2008

Richard & Mary Lane

Hello Andy,
Just wanted to let you know we are back home in Minnesota.
We had a wonderful trip.
We all agreed the side trip we took to meet you and your family was a bonus for us.
We want to again thank you for the work you do for our veterans and for the hospitality your family showed us.
We hope to meet again sometime, someplace.

Thanks and greet your wonderful family.
Richard & Mary Lane

#32   31-03-2008


Hoi andy.
Wat een mooi verhaal en een leuke informatieve website!
Leuk dat we uit het zelfde dorp komen. Je hebt leuk in mekaar gezet respectvol!

grtz Ralph (forum adoptiegraven.nl)

#30   27-03-2008

Jessica heather bond


I just found this website when I did a search for my grandfather, Raymond Miller from the plane (Maid to Order).
Thank you for putting this website up!
My husband and I just got stationed in Germany and plan on visiting the spot where his plane went down this summer.
Any info you have is news to our family as my grandfather was quiet about his wartime experiences.

Thank you again and God Bless you for remembering these men.
Jessica Bond daughter of Karen Miller Grandaughter of Raymond Miller

#29   18-03-2008

Nancy Rehnke


Enjoyed your web site and thank you for remembering and caring for the US soldiers graves.
My mother went to school for 11 years with John Reardon.
She was in the same grade.
Doesn't seem to remember too much about him, but does speak of him at times when reminiscing about the war.
Will e-mail a picture of their 8th grade class (when he was about 13 or 14).
She says everyone called him 'Johnie'.
One thing she does remember is that both her and Johnie won the Big Stone County Spelling Bee when they were in the 8th Grade and their teacher took them to compete in the state contest at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul.

Thank you again. Nancy Rehnke

#28   03-03-2008

Christopher Steele


What a great website!
Thanks for taking the time to remember our fallen soldiers so far from home.
Words cant describe the gratitude I have. God Bless,

Christopher Steele

#27   26-02-2008

Tim Reardon

Andy Swinnen,

Several people have told me of your adoption of this grave.
I do not believe this person John Reardon was a relative of mine but I do live about 35 miles from Johnson Minnesota. My grandfather was also named Thomas Reardon but did not have family with these names.
However thank you for your efforts to remember John Reardon and the many others that did so much for all of us.

Tim Reardon

#26   18-02-2008

Michael Wade Brunson

Mr. Swinnen,

I want to thank you for taking care of the gravesite of my uncle Wade T. Brunson.
I am the oldest son of Wade's brother Donald R. Brunson.
My parents gave me Wade's name as my middle name in honor of him.
My father talked of Wade often and I know that he missed him greatly.
I can't tell you how much all this means to myself and my family.
I hope one day to visit the gravesite myself and meet you and your family.
Thank You and God Bless you and your family,

Michael Wade Brunson

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