#25   12-02-2008


Nice job Andy wish I knew more about computing.


#24   12-02-2008

Ed Dana II

As always, my compliments, Andy, for the wonderful job you are doing remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice during war.
May they never be forgotten.

Sincerely, Ed Dana II.

#23   10-02-2008

Fred and Carole DiBerto

Andy and family
This website is such a wonderful tribute to my cousin Joseph DelTorto and all the other brave heros that died in World War II.
The research you did to achieve this is incredible and my family was able to learn things about Joseph's 1st and only mission that were a mystery to us.
It is great knowing that there are people like you and your family who take time out of your busy life to pay tribute to our American heros and keep their story alive.
May you be blessed for your wonderful deeds.

Frederick DiBerto and family

#22   08-02-2008

Bonnie Stotesbery

I live in Big Stone County, Minnesota.
My mother went to school with John Reardon for several years, and I am going to have her write you a message by e-mail, hopefully this weekend about what she remembers.
Please watch for it.
It is very cold here; tomorrow it should be -40 degrees wind chill and our city is having a golf tournament on the ice! BRRRRRRRR!!!!
Until the next message...

Bonnie Stotesbery

#21   05-02-2008

Terry and Kathy Oakes

We live in Ortonville, MN which is in Big Stone County.
We want to thank you for your kindness in caring for the graves of these men.
What you do is a great deed and we appreciate it.
We have several veterans in our both of our families and if any of them were to fall and be buried in another country we would be so pleased to know that they were being remembered as you and your family are doing.

Terry and Kathy Oakes

#20   29-01-2008

Phillip Bjerken

'I learned of your deeds from the Ortonville Independent Newspaper'.
Where I grew up as a teenager.
I always knew the graves were tended but I never knew they were adopted by families. That is so special!
What on honor you give to these fallen heros who sacrificed for us all here too.
My great Grandparents immigrated from Norway in the late 1800's to Northern Minnesota.
My father & many uncles served in WWII.
You do us all proud.

Thank You, Phillip

#19   25-01-2008

Bruce Wendland

I grew up right next to Big Stone County in Minnesota.
I was born in 1947 but have heard all my life about the huge sacrifices that your country and my country made during World War II.
I have been particularly interested to read of the Dutch efforts (the ten Boom family) to help the Jews during WWII.
I don't know the family of this soldier but I'm sure your letter to the newspaper will bring alot of people to look into your question.
I want to thank you very much for your work and concern.
The people of this area will be very thankful to hear of your efforts.
God bless you.

Bruce Wendland

#18   23-01-2008

Steve Brunson

Mr. Swinnen,
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you taking care of the gravesite of my uncle, Wade T. Brunson.
I am the son of Wade's brother, Donald R. Brunson who was also in WWII.
My father was a survivor of WWII.
He used to talk to us when we were kids about Wade.
I wish I would have known him growing up.
Thanks again,

Steve Brunson

#17   21-01-2008

Phyllis Foster

Thank you for honoring the soldiers so that they are never forgotten.
God Bless you for honoring them.

Phyllis Foster, Wayne, Michigan.

#16   19-01-2008

Kathy Tye

Dear Andy.
This site is incredible.
When the tears clear from my eyes and my heart calms down,
maybe I can think of something deep and meaningful to say.
Right now, Andy, Monique, Marlon and Kelvin, just . . . 'Thank you.'

Kathy Tye ( heart of Texas )

#15   18-01-2008

Vic Walzel

Dear Andy.
Thank you for this tribute to the men who died for our freedom and for yours.
I knew when I replied to your post that you were not from Belgium but the same thing applies to the people of the Netherlands.
We visited there when we went to Ardennes for the Memorial Day service in 2006.
We enjoyed our stay in Amsterdam and seeing the sights on our way through Europe.
You are invited to visit my site at www.lelandwalzel.150m.com


#14   15-01-2008

Kevin D. Klump

Dear Andy.
What a truly beautiful website!
Something that you should be extremely proud of.
Your efforts in remembering and honoring these brave men is a truly great thing!
God bless you!

Kevin D. Klump

#13   11-01-2008

Donald Byers

Hello Andy.
Thank you for your efforts to keep those who paid the ultimate price to be remembered.

Donald Byers
Member 401st Bomb Group

#12   10-01-2008

Herman Redder

Hallo Andy.
Site ziet er keurig verzorgd uit met duidelijke informatie.
Ik heb bewondering voor je inzet en doorzettingsvermogen, mijn complimenten.

Herman Redder

#11   06-01-2008

Marlon en Kelvin

Hallo Pappa.
Wij weten precies hoeveel werk jij hebt gehad aan deze site.
Uren en dagen lang.
In Engeland en Amerika heb je alles opgezocht.
Knap gedaan, wij zijn erg trots op jou en zullen jouw werk voortzetten.

Marlon en Kelvin.

#10   05-01-2008


Hee Andy.
Mooie site , goed gedaan en was gezellig en leuk je eens te ontmoeten.


#9   02-01-2008

Jean ( Pfc Digger )

Hoi Andy.
Voor iemand die er geen verstand van heeft heb je wat mij betreft een mooie website gebouwd , en gezien de mailtjes hieronder ben ik niet de enigste.
Wederom een mooi document waarin de 'jongens' herdacht worden.
Hoop dat er nog veel volgen voor je site.

Groetjes Jean

#8   29-12-2007

Andre en Maggy

Leuk gedaan andy.
Zit een hoop werk in leuk met al die bewijsjes erbij, foto's e.d .
ga zo door.

Andre en Maggy

#7   29-12-2007

Pap en mam

Een geweldige site waarvoor je , naar ik weet , heel wat research
hebt gedaan.
Zelf , van ' voor de oorlog ' zijnde waardeer ik het zeer.
Dit stuk geschiedenis mogen wij nooit vergeten.
Mijn welgemeende complimenten, zoon.
Hoe een hobby een passie is geworden !!!!!

Pap en mam.

#6   23-12-2007

An ( Ishirra )

Hey Andy, Mooie site maatje, je soldaten verdienen het!
Groetjes, An.

#5   22-12-2007


Heey Andy. Mooie site man, ga zo door!
Groetjes, Arjan.

#4   29-11-2007

Lynn K. Lucas , Local History Librarian

Dear Andy
Bravo!! What a great website.
I am so impressed!
Your attribution and thanks is much appreciated.
I feel honored to be associated in some small way with the purpose and development of your website.

Lynn K. Lucas

#3   29-11-2007

Frank Jassek ( bailor university school van Wade )

You did it, yes indeed you did it!!!!
Great job...... I can think of nothing to add.
I will keep in touch.
Many Blessings to you, Monique, Marlon and Kelvin.

Frank Jassek

#2   21-11-2007

Myra BRUNSON Miller

Hello Andy
This looks really great!
You did such a good job!.
My Dad would be so happy and proud. Thank you again. I will try to learn some more family history and pass it on to you as I can. Wonderful job.


#1   31-10-2007

Mike Babcock

My Dad Flew with the 401st bomb group 614 squadron in wwII

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