#259   16-2-2017

Mike Lashombe

We in the U.S. are forever grateful that you keep the memory of our fallen alive through your website.
I learned so much by reading from the point of view of those that live in the county where these men lost their lives.
The gratitude you feel towards these men, and their sacrifice is evident, and heart felt.

#258   28-11-2016

Michele Burgard, DVM

My uncle John J. Burgard lost his life there 8/8/44.
We are so happy to have been able to trace him through all the wonderful records you kept.
Thank You!!

#257   12-9-2016

Nikki P. Phillips

I knew my father's cousin, Nunzio Paola, was killed in WWII but we never received any information about how or where.
Thank you so much for your efforts to keep their memory alive.
May God bless you. Nikki Phillips

#256   9-9-2016

Andrea Huzinec

Dear Andy - thank you for what you do to remember / honor our servicemen.
We love the site. My Dad -Andrew Huzinec - 96 years old - reminisces daily about his time in England.
He was a Tech Sgt with the 401st - 615th as a radioman on 24 missions - from January 28,1945 - April 17,1945.
He kept track of his missions on a map that he folded and kept in a hollowed out toothpaste tube!
The last mission was to Linz Austria to take 30 French prisoners that were in German concentration camps to Orleans, France.
He flew with 2 crews- Lt Stevens till February 26,1945 then with Lt Wolf till April 26,1945.
Can you tell me the names of the B17 that he flew in- he doesn't remember.
He wears his "401st" ball cap everywhere and is very proud of his service.
It is touching to have people approach him and thank him.

#255   12-8-2016

Earl Linford

My father Captain Grant Hodges Linford was a pilot who flew 37 missions over France and Germany.
He died in 1992 at age 71.
Records I have found say he flew 31 missions, but his memoirs state he flew 37.
He was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross with 12 Oak Leaf Clusters and the Airman's Medal

#254   28-7-2016

William B. Carter

Thank you very much for the information on my father, William Warren Carter, his plane was Omar the Dent Maker which was shot down 3-26-44, I was born 6-12-44.
Unfortunately he was killed 3 months before I was born.
I really do appreciate what you have done in remembrance of these heroes.
Thank you Bill Carter

#253   26-7-2016

Mark Roach

My grandfather Octavio Huerta flew 33 missions as a tailgunner in "Chute the Works" with the 401st from June 21st, 1944 to Sept. 1944.
I would like to get him information.
He is still alive, 92 years old, and very lucid.
He recalls many stories from the group in great detail and often asks me what happened to his friends and colleagues from this group.

#252   17-7-2016

Madonna Adams

Greetings, My relative Sgt. Edward F.Tessier (Teddy) was a member of the 612th Bomber Squadron, 401st Bomber Group.
On 1 October 1943 his plane and fellow crew members crashed in training in Great Falls, Montana.
I've found a little information about the crash.
I would appreciated any additional information if there's any about what happen.
Thank you for your time and effort assisting me with my research.
Sincerely, Madonna Adams

#251   30-5-2016

Marshella Kelley

Dear Andy, I want to thank you for all that you and your lovely sons do for the brave men whose graves you honor which includes the my father Marshall.
On this Memorial Day here, it marks the day two years ago when Marilyn introduced us by email.
It will always be a day I will never forget and the following Memorial Day when my dad's Purple Heart was found.
All that you and your family do means the world to me.
With much love and prayed, Marshella Kelley

#250   28-5-2016

Howard Willens

Thank you for preserving the memory of my mother's baby brother, my Uncle Fred Monnes...of whom I have only the vaguest memories, but whom I will never forget.

#249   28-4-2016

M.E. Winters

I was searching for information obout an uncle lt Otto Oas WW1, and found my cousin, Lt Herbert Oas jr, piloted 26 missions, 401st bomb group, flying fortresses 1943-45 with 615th bomb sqaudron.
He was only survivor, captured and taken pow after his last mission.
I never knew any of this history about my cousin.
I was only 9 at the time.
Amazing to find it now 70 years later.
Thank you for remembering our heroes and keeping their history alive for their families.

#248   18-2-2016

Tom Colones

A salute to you Andy for creating this website in tribute to the men who came to help liberate Europe !
A fine tribute indeed !
Least We Forget !

#247   26-12-2015

Steve Plummer

Hi Andy Is there any more information on how Harold Churchill died March 18,1945?
He bailed out of the lady Jane 2 but I see a picture of a shed and caption saying this is where he was shot along with another crew member.
I'm wondering if he was shot by civilians or military.
I never knew him since I was born in 1947.
The family never talked about him. He was my Fathers cousin. thank you

#246   23-10-2015

Dianna Newell

Hi, I'm the daughter of Arthur E. Newell the ball turret gunner.
Dad rarely talked of his war experiences and finding any information about Dad is great because I feel like I have another little piece of him.
He was a wonderful father.
I would like to know where the name "Shade Ruff" came from and does it have a significant meaning?
Thanks for all your work and helps Dianna

#245   02-10-2015

David Alford

My dad was in the Army Air Corps and was an aerial photographer.
It is great that you are keeping this part of our history around for others to see.
I am a Vietnam vet and do know the risks involved in defending our country and way of life.
Truly the greatest generation.

#244   25-09-2015

Jean Louis Vijgen

Hoi Andy, Mooie website, ben sinds FB geintreseerd geraakt in Bombersquadrons en groups, dus vindt alles wat je over de 401th BG heel erg mooi en goed inelkaar gezet, zeker voor de mensen die Familie gehad hebben die daarbij hadden gezeten.

#243   19-08-2015

Susan Vincent

Thank you so much for all this information.
I wrote to you a while back telling you that my father is in one of the photo's.
S/Sgt Armond Provencher who's plane was attacked on 22 Feb 1944 and he was taken prisoner.
This is to inform you that my father passed away on Friday 14 August 2015 at the age of 91.
I will display these photos at his funeral and will list this website as a courtesy to you.
Again, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to keep these records.
I noticed on one of the photo's that some names are listed as "unknown"
I will send you the names and in the correct order if you would like.
Thank you and God Bless you Susan Provencher Vincent

#242   28-06-2015

Linda Millerick

What a wonderful tribute to the WWII fallen heroes.
You are teaching your son a great respect by remembering and honoring those who lost their lives in the service.
We are blessed to have people like you who care and adopt these graves.
Bless you for what you are doing by preserving and sharing so much history with the rest of the world.

#241   28-05-2015

Lois Adams

This was my Uncle Carl.
I am daughter of Joseph Howe, Carl's older brother.
Our family has always not allowed Uncle Carl to be forgotten.
We all want to thank you for this wonderful tribute.
My older brother Joseph Carl Howe was so named in honor of Floyd Carl Howe.
He was born soon after Floyd Carl died

#240   26-05-2015

Allegra Pruitt

Thank you for all your time spent on your project.
Floyd Carl Howe was my Uncle, which I never had the pleasure of meeting.
Uncle Carl (as family referred) was 1 of 9 children.
Throughout the years, at family reunions, Uncle Carl lives on through stories.
Only one brother survives today, yet thanks to your website we now have documentation of Carl's last flight on the Carolyne.
Thank you for a treasure to the "Howe Family"

#239   26-05-2015

john brotzman

Reed Brotzman was survived by one more brother, Elston Smith Brotzman, who was in the army air corps as well, serving state side at the time of Reed's loss.
I am Reed's nephew

#238   13-05-2015

Arnold F. Majeski

S/Sgt Frank Russell Majeski, DOB Oct 4, 1922 MIA Oct 7, 1944.
Frank R Majeski's grave stone resides in "Riverside Cemetery" since Feb 2, 1950 at Prophetstown, Illinois 61277.
I am his nephew, and today I've obtained his birth certificate.
Hopefully tomorrow, I will request his DD 2-14.
Respectfully Yours Arnold F. Majeski

#237   04-04-2015

Brian Knapp

I just wanted to say Thank You for taking care of my fallen great uncles grave site.
Is there any other information other than what is posted here. Sgt. Angelo Mannisi 1944

#236   29-03-2015

Klaus Luechau

Dear Sirs, I come from the place Alvesse where on the 22.02.1944 B-17 with the call sign had to do S-238002 making a forced landing.
The report written on the web page comes from me.
My question to them(her) is(reads): What has become from the crew members?
POW Tail Gunner Richard Gustave Schmidt S. / Sgt 36724944.

#235   29-03-2015

Jean Louis Vijgen

Hele mooie en Complete site over de Flyboys, mooi Tribute voor hun en het 401th.

#234   28-03-2015

Marylinda Arndt

Walter Lee Brown, Jr. is my deceased grandmother, Francis Brown Gladish Miller, brother.
I have been working on my family tree and searching for information on Walter.
I greatly appreciate the memorial you have prepared and the wealth of information that you have provided.
With great appreciate, Marylinda

#233   07-03-2015

Michael Benz

Marvin was my great-uncle.
My dad and I really enjoy this site.
Thank you for taking the time to do make it.

#232   06-03-2015

Philippe Canonne

Bonsoir, I just found your website : fan-tas-tic. Really.
Fulll with very precious and very important information, database, photos.
Very sensitive researches too with the bio of the American fallen airmen. Congratulations!
You have done and you are doing a splendid historical work !
I am 53 years old and I teach History and Geography in a Secondary school near the city of Tours.
I am writing a book on the USAAF 5 February 1944 mission on Châteauroux (central France).
Please would you be so kind as to inform me about any veterans or comrades in arms or family who took part on the 5 February 1944 mission.
Of course I will give all my sources.
Informations I want to share with my 14-16 years old pupils.
We will never forget. Best regards and "Bonjour from France!" Philippe Canonne

#231   01-03-2015

Lisa herrera

This message is in response to Bert from Germany: I am the granddaughter of Kenneth L. Haines who was navigator on the "Pistol Packing Mama" in WW2.
He passed away in 2000. Your findings are of interest to people in our family

#229   18-02-2015

Jack Sheaho

My mother, Arlene Johnson , later Arlene Sheahon, was married to Wendell Taylor Johnson when he was shot down and killed on May 8, 1944.
I would like to know more about him and his flight crew.
I have visited his grave in Hummelstow , PA.

#228   13-01-2015

John Nicklawsky

Thank you so much for your site.
My dad, Pilot Donald T. Nicklawsky was with the 401st group and the 615th based in Deenethorpe.
He was shot down on January 29th 1944 and spent 15 months at a German prison camp.
A total of 9 crew members were able to parachute out, Richard A Killgore went down with the ship.
MACR #2273, aircraft # 42-40057.
A wonderful book entitled "Guardian Angel" by Paul E Campbell, out of Grafton, ND, contains a lot of names, dates, and information that has been very useful to me.
He was also with the 401st and 615th.
Any other information anyone has on this MACR, please let me know, thanks.
John R. Nicklawsky

#227   31-12-2014

Mike Roberts

My father was T-Sgt. Woodrow M Roberts.
He was a Tailgunner on a B-17. He was in the 401st BG.
He was shot down in July 1944.
He was a POW in Stalug Luft 4.
Do you have any information on planes and crew shot down in July 1944?

#226   18-12-2014

William Hardy

I am a nephew of William Wayne Passeno.
My family and I were touched to learn that you and your sons are taking care of my uncle grave!!!
We do have photos and information about him.

#225   12-11-2014

Frank Wallis

On behalf of my sister and myself, I would like to thank you very much for this web page in honor of Donald Wallis.
Don was my father's brother and therefore my uncle.
My father, Scott, never talked about his brother Don or the war for that matter.
Due to this web page, some mystery surrounding what happened to him has been cleared up.
Thank you !!!
Most of his crew mates or fellow pals have most likely passed on but do you know of anyone who may be still alive?
I would like to contact them if possible.
Thank you and nice job!

#224   06-11-2014

P.J. Sullivan

My dad flew 37 missions as a pilot with the 401 BG.
Merseburg was the target at least 5 times.

#223   29-10-2014

Willard H. Keeling

I am the son of Captain Charles W. Keeling who was pilot in the 613th.
Great web site.

#222   27-10-2014

Nick Gleason

My Grandfather, Samuel W. Bragalone flew as a Tail Gunner on a B-17 (Belle of the Brawl).
We are very lucky he is still with us today.
He shares his heroic stories with me and his great grandchildren to this day.
I am very proud to have him as my Grandfather.
He and his generation where, and still are something all young people should look up to.
I want to say thank you to all people who have served.

#221   22-10-2014


Who is able help me if Navigator 2nd Lt Raymond Kenneth HAINES is Still alive.
Reason is I found part's of the B-17 crashed May 07.1944 Serial Number 42-39943 (B-17) MACR is No.4587
Thank you Bert from Germany

#220   22-09-2014

Bryan Wyman

Thanks for putting together this lovely site.
Lonnie Karcher was my Great Uncle.
I have been to the Netherlands and looked at the various sites and museums.

#219   19-09-2014

John Smith

My dad was Sgt. Thomas H. Smith, Ball Turret Gunner on Bad Penny 42-39904.
Unfortunately we lost him in an industrial accident at age 33.
I was able to locate Sullivan Tonti and speak with him by phone a few years ago.
Thank you for keeping the memory alive for all who gave so much.

#218   03-09-2014

Sharon Gillette, neice of Donald Jerue

I can not tell you how much it means to my mother, Betty Jerue Roberts, to have her lost brother, Donald Jerue, a part of this website.
He was MIA for a year, then they were told that his body was found outside Lyon, France.
We have wondered over the years how he got from Bordeaux over to Lyon, and what was his eventual fate.
Thank you so much for what you have done.
If you want any other information/pictures, contact me by email.

#217   02-09-2014

Natalie Concino

Hi Andy!
My father and I recently found your website and became very excited!
Like you, he is very interested in World War II and was so shocked when we came across a website dedicated to the 401st BG!
I am writing to you on his behalf.
One of our family members, Joseph A. Concino Jr. was in the 615th squadron as you have listed.
He was flying in the Badland Bat II when it was shot down on February 16, 1945.
We have a good bit of information on him and the crew he was killed with including documents and pictures if you are interested!
We would love to hear from you!
Thank you for what you do and God Bless!
Natalie Concino

#216   11-08-2014

Randy and Janette Kemp

My Wife and I again were Deeply touched By You, and Your Families dedication to the care of Our Greatest Treasure.
Those who gave all, did so for all!
The 401st has become a very large part of Our family.
Here at the "Champaign Lady" I return to work with a Great Pride, and purpose, to continue to build the B-17, for the Best Damn BG in the 8th AF.
A really great BG reunion, a lot of New Friends, and a Celebration with the Old Ones.
We will see you soon I hope.
Randy Kemp, Crew Chief.
B-17G 44-85813

#215   01-08-2014

Jay Kirkner

My fathers cousin was Joseph Kirkner.
My Father has some re collection of Joseph describing how he survived on cat meat that was fed to him by the French Under ground during his successful escape from France after the crash.
Thanks for the information.

#214   23-07-2014

William Paul Sefzik

Sgt. William James Slaughter was my mother's younger brother.
Of course I only knew of Uncle Jim from a family picture taken before he left for the war.
After my mother passed away I found all his letters home to his family.
We spent a summer reading the letters and marveling at the bravery of these men who were so young and patriotic.
Only one member of his crew survived.
Thank you for helping to memorialize these wonderful heroes who gave their all to preserve our freedoms.

#213   16-07-2014

Kenneth L Jones

M. Kolb, pilot 4238136 attack by German fighters was head-on.
Engines 1 and 2 shot out. No 3 damaged.
No fighter cover.He and co-pilot were able to hold the aircraft as it lost altitude and crew bailed out.
Marcus was very happy that all the crew survived.
Life was short at that time, 5th mission.

#212   22-06-2014

Terrence P Casey


#211   12-06-2014

Dean Ossiander

My father flew with the 401st from Deenthorpe .. was a POW and escaped from Switzerland with help from the French Resistance

#210   10-06-2014

Terry Kelly

I think it's wonderful that you are taking time to do this.
Every soldier should have something written about them.
My grandfather served in WWII and i can't even imagine what that time period was like.
I live in a rural area where i see veterans graves unkept and it breaks my heart.
Let me know if i can be of any help to you in the future, I live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

#209   07-06-2014

Don Smith

Thanks so much for this information.
My name (Don) was given by my father who trained with Don Roberts.
I have always been proud to be named for an American hero.
Now I have a better understanding of what happened that day over France.
I wish I had known my namesake and I wish I could provide information about him.
My father, Clair Smith, flew with another crew and did make it home.
Dad died at 90 two years ago.
Thanks again.

#208   06-06-2014

Louise Rothwell Sebastiani

Thank you very much for your research and preparation of this page honoring my uncle, Frank A. Rothwell, who lost his life during WWII, and is buried in Normandy.
On this day, the 70th Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, or D-Day, I entered his name in a search and found this beautiful page in his memory...
Many thanks to all of you for dedicating your efforts and time so that our brave servicemen and women will never be forgotten.

#207   17-05-2014


Hello, After much research, I found this site and was so pleased to see my father's photo.
He is the one standing 2nd from left.
His name is Armond L.Provencher.
His B-17G, 42-38002, 614TH went down on 22 February, 1944.
He was a POW for several months.
He was the ball turret gunner when the plane was shot down.
Thank you so much for this information.
He is still living and will be 90 years old in August of 2014.

#206   13-05-2014

Larry Malo

I am Marshalls second cousin.
He was my mother Helen Joseph's cousin.
I always heard he was a tail gunner on a B 17 and was killed.
If Mr. Rice could give any rememberence of what Marshall was like i would really appreciate it.
This is a wonderful remembrance page and is greatly appreciated.
Larry Malo

#205   12-04-2014

Molly Casas

My Dad was Julian L. Casas, USAAF,fought in WWII, Pacific.
Flew in the B29 until he and the pilot were injured, my dad was in the hospital for 10 days, the went ground troop.
He often spoke about being in New Guinnne, Leyte, and the Philapines.
He was a loving, caring, wonderful, awesome dad, and loved us unconditionally.
He passed away, 13 days before their 61 wedding anniversary, he is loved and missed so much

#204   11-04-2014

James J. Fox

I just wanted to remember and honor all our heroes !!

#203   9-04-2014

Jim Turza

Our dear Uncle Leo Moga was a mechanic in the 401 bomb group.
Thank you for remembering the men.
We were so excited to see his photo with his buddies in front of the 'Homesick Angel' as well as the photo of him inspecting the tear in the tail.
He told us that the pilot did not want 'nose art' on his plane, and his flight jacket was simply painted with homesick angel.
He was also part of the ground crew of 'Pistol Packin Mama'.
Uncle Leo passed away of old age.
He had fond memories of the adventures that he and Andy Bono had.

#202   23-03-2014

Rosemary Sissons

My mother, Agnes Rosa Marzo, was engaged to Robert Kehoe at the time of his death.
She later married my father, Holly Parker Markle.
She and my father kept in touch with Robert's family over the years and they sent flowers to his grave every year.
Thank you for honoring our American dead.

#201   17-03-2014

James Charlotte O'Mara

Dear Andy I was so glad to see that I am not the only one that doesn't forget.
My Uncle Jack was lost and I know what it did to my family as to all who lost loved ones.
Thank you for caring.
Jimmie O'Mara

#200   26-02-2014

Roger Maynard

My fathers cousin my grandmother his mothers sister kept his Picture on display her whole life

#199   24-02-2014

Greg Marino

My uncle, 2nd Lt. Leslie Hauss, was KIA on 24 Aug 1944 over Weimar Germany.
Although this was only his 2nd mission with the 613th and aboard the assigned B-17 Jill's Jalopy, my son-in-law , Airman Justine Everhardt of the USAF, did find new information from this site.
Apparently, uncle Les flew B-17 "D-Day Dottie" just days before the floundering Luftwaffe took him out.
Thanks to all who gather and hold this information for those who INDEED will never forget those that fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

#198   14-02-2014

Caroline Doran

My mother (deceased) was married to Carl Landwehr who is one of the graves you take care of.
They had no children.
I have some of the wonderful letters he wrote to her.
I am married to an Army dentist and we are living in Germany.
We are in Luxembourg visiting and I thought of Carl and looked him up on Find a Grave.
We are trying to fit it in our schedule to visit Leige.
Thank you for what you do.

#197   30-01-2014

Sarah Botfield

Andy - I have been looking at your absolutely inspirational website.
There is so much information and it serves as a remarkable testament to the 401st
It is a wonderful thing you have created and what a memorial to those brave men.
Thank you so much

#196   16-01-2014

Lyle Fulton

Your web site is a wonderful tribute and honor to so many American airmen who sacrificed so much to help save the world from tyranny.
Thank you so much for your time and effort, Andy.
Mostly, thank you so much for caring enough to do this.

#195   16-11-2013

John Rothwell Walker

I am the niece of one of the heroes, Frank Rothwell.
He was my father's (John) older brother.
I can't thank you enough for all you do for the memory of these soldiers and their families.
You, also, are a hero.

#194   11-11-2013

Neely Epperson

Wanted to Thank you for taking so much time posting this info.
Today is Veterans Day here in the US, a special day to be thankful and recognize the incredible sacrifices of our armed forces.
You have made sure the sacrifices of these men are not forgotten.
Thank you Andy!

#193   6-11-2013

John Edwin Verhelst

My wife and I recently visited the Netherlands American Cemetery nearby where I left an Australian toy Koala on the gravestone of Lt. John Edwin O'Neal, who was shot down over the area in April 1944 and who I am named after (John Edwin Verhelst).
First time I had visited it and probably one of the first times any person had been there since my parents looked after his plot until December 1951 when we migrated to Australia.
His parents became my godparents.
John O'Neal was a First Lieutenant US Army Air Forces, with 614th Bomber Squadron, 401st Bomber Group.
He entered the service from Savannah, Georgia, and died on 13 April 1944.
The War Cemetery is beautifully kept, similar to the Australian one at Villiers Bretteneux in the Somme, Northern France.
We googled his details and found his exact grave /plot details so it was fairly easy to find.
If anyone knows of his family still alive, they may care to contact me.
regards john verhelst / helen lange

#192   2-11-2013

Tim Arneson

My father was Vernon A. Arneson the pilot who flew the plane that was shot down near Magdeburg on Feb. 22, 1944.
He never spoke to us kids about the war or what he personally went through.
The only thing my mother told us when we were young was that he was in a prisoner of war camp.
He died in 2006 from cancer.
So thank you for filling in some details about what happen and about our Dad.

#191   24-10-2013

John Huston

I never seen the picture of my dad and his siblings including uncle Arthur Huston, it brought tears to my eyes because they are all gone except Mary Jane the oldest girl.
Thank you!!

#190   2-09-2013

Maureen Wenger Gruener

I remember corresponding with you while you were preparing this site.
I am deeply moved by your tribute to my uncle Jack Wenger.
Thank you so much for your research and work, and thank you for caring.
All the best, Judith Wenger

#189   2-09-2013

Maureen Wenger Gruener

Thanks so much for doing this.
It really meant a lot to the whole family, especially my father, Robert Wenger, who lost his big brother when he was only 15.

#188   20-08-2013

Daniel J. Jacquart

Thank you very much for your dedication to these heros.
I have a cousin, Pfc Francis L. Jacquart, who was killed in March 1945, and is buried in Margraten.
His grave site is in the care of Ruud Amkreutz.
Francis was a soldier in the 17th Airborne Division, 194th Glider Infantry.
He was a relation to Robert R Jacquart, who flew as a top turretgunner/engineer on a B-17, 401st Bomb Group, 615th Bomb Squadron, in England.
He flew 36 missions before he was discharged, in 1945.
Robert passed away July 20, 2011.
Francis was my cousin, and Robert was my uncle.

I am very proud of both of them, and honored to be related to them.

#187   14-07-2013

Mark Fisette

My father Robert L Fisette was a Pilot.
And still alive he is 94.
He is My Hero !!

#186   14-06-2013

Joyce O'Bannon

My husband is Richard O'Bannon, he has passed away and I am trying to gather more information about this mission.
Can someone give me information about this.
He even corresponded with a family over in Bornholm who helped get him safely to the states.
He returned to England on June 6th 1944, D-Day.
I am just trying to put everything together for my daughter.

#185   11-06-2013

Carol Kutz

What a wonderful tribute to Marshall! !!
Thank you Andy for your interest in our soldiers.
The Dutch people who honor these soldiers are remarkable and we are humbled by their dedication.

#183   02-06-2013

s l gilmore

This tribute is remarkable.
Facts never known of my husbands father final acts as an american hero.
Thank you for your information.
We are eternaly grateful

#182   01-06-2013

Donald McMahon

SSGT James Franklin McMahon KIA 30 May 1944 is buried in the Long Isand National Cemetery, being reinterred after the war.
Member of Wilson's crew Flak Rat II 42-97440.
Thank you for keeping their memories alive on yoy site.

#181   28-05-2013

Monty Earl Benz

I am the one of the nephews of Marvin Benz.
My then 2 1/2 year old sister could not pronounce Marvin, she called Marvin, Monty, hence my first name.
I was born in Oct of 1944.
We had thought Marvin was buried in our family plot in Dresden, Missouri USA.
One of Marvin fellow crewmen who survied the "shoot down" says Marvin is buried in a small farm town cemetary out side of Paris France.
We are working to find his burial location.
Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our WW2 Heros!
CEC Monty Benz USN (Ret) Vietnam Veteran Monty Benz

#180   28-04-2013


Hallo, Ik kwam deze site per toeval tegen nadat ik op zoek was naar gegevens van B-17 42-97869.
Ik moet zeggen; een pracht stukje werk, geweldig.
Een schitterende manier om deze helden te eren.
En aan het gastenboek te zien maken jullie met deze site en de adoptie van de graven veel nabestaanden blij.

Ben zelf van plan komende zomer diverse begraafplaatsen te gaan bezoeken en een indruk op te doen.
Nogmaal een geweldige site.
Ik zal de site de komende dagen doorlezen.
Groet, Coen, Oldenzaal.

#179   22-04-2013

Marilyn Malo George

I can't tell you how grateful I am for your work, tribute, and especially that you visit his grave.
We now know where he is buried, and can feel so good that his grave is being tended, and has a regular visitor.
God Bless you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I know my cousins are just as grateful and delighted with the discovery of your website and you!
I only wish my Mom was still alive to share in this joy!

Sincere gratitude and a million thanks,
Marilyn George

#178   21-04-2013

Marie McCarthy Ansari

My daughter, Paula Shea, has shared your work that includes the memorial page to our relative Marshall Abraham.
My mother, Margaret Joseph McCarthy, was a first cousin to Marshall.
This amazing family grew up as first generation immigrants in New Castle, PA with a large, extended family around them.
All of her brothers, and cousins, served in WW II.
They grieved for the loss of Marshall.

My mom told how her Aunt Jennie (Marshall's mother) walked up and down the street wailing and crying for the loss of her son, and never recovered from that loss.
We were always told he was MIA.
Until now, we were not aware of any of these details.

I so wish my mother could see this memorial page.
We can't thank you enough for your work.

#177   20-04-2013

Paula Shea

Dear Andy
This is incredible to me.
You have much more information on Marshall Thomas Abraham than I do....he was my grandmother's cousin.
My family has all heard the story of how Marshall died in WWII and it devastated his family, but no one (of those currently living) knew where he was buried or what exactly happened.......and then I found your website.
I didn't even knew his middle name before.

Thank you sooo much, It's wonderful that you are keeping his memory alive and honoring his service.

#176   08-04-2013

Dave Oas

Andy, My father was 1st Lt. Herbert L.(Bud)Oas, pilot of the Wolf Pack when it was shot down over Merseburg, Germany.
He was the sole survivor of his crew, who included S/Sgt. Theodore Monarcky (ball gunner), S/Sgt. John Reardon (tail gunner), T/Sgt. William Brereton (radio operator) and 2nd Lt. William Green (navigator).

Dad was POW until he escaped in the spring of 1945.
He died in Minneapolis, MN on June 23, 1983 at the age of 62.
I've only discovered Andy Swinnen's incredible work, dedication and compassion in the past couple of days.
My family and I owe him, and so many others, who are committed to preserving the memories and spirit of an amazing generation.

Andy - I will be forwarding any photos, documents and bits of information our family has to your care and preservation.
We feel very humbled and more than a little obligated to help you in any way we can.

Thank you.

#175   09-04-2013

Gretchen "Oas" Wynegar

My father was the pilot, Herbert Oas.
He was the only survivor, and was captured as a POW, and held in Stalag 17.
He escaped once and was re-captured, and then escaped again, and was hidden by a family with a daughter named Gretchen..and that is why my father named me Gretchen.
Thank you so much for your dedication to this site and the remembrance of the brave men who gave their lives on that mission.
My father passed away at 62 yrs of age, but a day never went by that he did not think of his crew on the "Wolf Pack", and how they were heroes who lost their young lives, and grieved for all of their families loss as well.

#174   08-04-2013

Penny Pollock Woodward

Andy, God bless you for this wonderful work you are doing!
My husband is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and served in the US Army for 20 years, including a year in Vietnam.
Unfortunately, military members of the Vietnam era did not have the same degree of recognition or support by the American people that those of my parents' generation received.

As the numbers of our "Greatest Generation" still among us grows smaller, it is good to be reminded again of the great sacrifices they made.
Thank you so much!


#173   14-03-2013

Jason B. Glenn

Morton "Morty" Arinsberg, the tail gunner on the Flak Rat, was my cousin.
My youngest son, a police officer in Washington State, is named after Morty.
Morty's mother, Rose Arinsberg, sent me a letter in 1978 to thank me for remembering him in this way.
From what I understand, she was visited by the pilot and/or the co-pilot of the Flak Rat in Philadelphia sometime after Morty's death.
Morty was the second member of our family to be killed during World War Two.
The first, Cpl. Theodore Jerome Lewis, my mother's younger brother, was straffed by a Japanese Zero during the attack on Hawaii in December 1941.
My other son, who lives in Arizona, is named after him.
Thank you for posting the information about the Flak Rat's ill-fated mission.

#172   08-03-2013

Suzanne Meyer

SSgt Roy Garvin Sanders, Jr. was my uncle.
I am so touched you have done this and that others still remember the tremendous sacrifice made by these fine men.
Roy was an exceptional young man, greatly loved by his family and admired by all who knew him.
If there is other information about my uncle/his family you would like to have, please let me know.

#171   02-02-2013

John M Campbell

Thank you for putting this site together and for remembering.
SSgt. Ray Austin Gentry was my first cousin once removed.
As you have noted on here his plane went down on 9 Apr 1944 with all hands lost.
He was the tail gunner.

#170   25-01-2013

Thomas benz

Thank you so much for these great pages of history.
Marvin was my uncle.
My father Earl was pictured in the photo below with Marvin.
You have done our family such a great deed in recovering this piece of our history !!!
Thomas Benz

#169   23-01-2013

Mike Morrissey

Thank you for this site.
My dad is listed in MACR 4015 as John Morrissey.
He was on his 18th mission and ended up in Stalag 17B.
He had obtained a waiver for flying status as a waist gunner as he was 6 ft 3 in tall and considered too tall to be a gunner.
He actually was a staff sergeant at the time and the squadron gunnery instructor.
He was repatriated in early 1945 and passed in 2010 on the weekend of the POW Camp's reunion.
The page listing the plane and crew is very nice.
Thank you to all for the fine work and your dedication.

#168   17-01-2013

Mark Scanlon

Dear Andy: Thank you for remembering and honoring our WWII heroes, the young men and women who bravely gave their all.
My father, Wm. M Scanlon, served with the 401st from Aug 44 to Apr 45 as a Bombardier and Navigator with the 613 and 615th bomb squads.
He completed his combat tour of 30 missions and made it back home to live a meaningful life.
But many did not.
It is a worthy and inspiring task that you have taken on to preserve the legacy of all who served.
Thank you for your kind and generous efforts.
Mark Scanlon

#167   10-01-2013

Carl Morreale

Hi Andy, my name is Carl Morreale, im a vietmam combat vet who came back alive not like my cousin John P Morreale ssgt army air b-17 bomber crew member who didn't come back from ww2.

My sister phyllis is a writer from arizona who did a bio on my cousins last days on this earth.
God bless him and bless you for your hard work as well remembering our fallen heroes.

12 of my buddies in my infantry co. did not return from nam as I did after my one year tour over there ,I hate wars for a lot of reasons , but I would do it all again if I had to.

Take care Andy

#166   07-01-2013

Micki Benz

This is such a great site!
My husband's uncle was Marvin H. Benz.
Thank you for all you are doing to remember these brave Heroes!

#165   06-01-2013

John W. Smith

My father, Thomas H. Smith was the ballturret gunner abord Bad Penny.
Excellent website.
Thank you for keeping these memories alive.

#164   04-12-2012

Mary Kay Weidner

My sister, Nancy, told us about how you have adopted my uncle's gravesite...
it means a lot to my Mom and our family.
Thank you so much.
I am sure she will be sending you more information about Uncle Richard.
Your kind thoughts are like a Christmas gift to my mother.

#163   25-11-2012

Michael R. Walsh

I am the nephew of Lt. Michael R.Walsh crew of Omar the Dent maker.
I am greatful for you efforts on behalf of these brave men.
We sleepless safely in our beds at night because rough me will visit violence on our behalf!

#162   16-11-2012

Kaiser Christian

All my respect for this great site and keep up this great work to remember the fallen heroes.
They will never forget!!!
All the best from Belgium Chris - worldwartours.be

#161   16-11-2012

Helen Trump

Good Morning Andy,
Thank you so much, Paul's webpage looks beautiful, and you did such a great job.
I will be sharing it with my family this next week when we get together.
I know they will love it.

Many thanks again for your great work!

#160   15-11-2012

Carrie Bias Hoffert

Hello Mr Swinnen, You took a photo, at my request.
I thank you for the photo and when I went to your location, I found the information about the soldiers you had adopted.
I just completed reading the first of those tributes you have created and I was weeping with pain and pleasure.
Pain that these young men had to loose their lives and pleasure in that you and your sons have taken the time to honor them in this way.

I grew up in Germany, as I was what is called an "Army Brat", I was born in 1945 and my father had served in Europe during the war.
But as he was an investigator we spent from 1948-1957 in Germany.
We traveled to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg while living in Germany and I loved each of the countries.

My father was a history buff and it was very important to him that we understood about the war, the sacrifices and hardships of the people of Europe, and the loss of individual lives.
Thank you very much, Carrie

#159   05-11-2012

Brenda Schmidt

Thank you for honoring our Soldiers.
My uncle Ernest R Fluharty is buried at Henri Chapelle.
Each grave is like family, as are those who care for their graves.

Thank you. Brenda Schmidt Salem, Ohio, USA

#158   05-11-2012

Linda McBeath-Van Gndy

William M. Rumsey is my 2nd cousin!
So pleased to see your web site.
He continues to be a hero to all his family.
We speak of him often and his picture hangs in many of our homes, in memory of the sacrifice he gave for his country.

Thank you for caring Andy.

#157   04-11-2012

Pieter Mulder

Beautiful site.
I know from experience what a job it is to gather information.
Continue with your good work.

Lest we forget! www.stichting-mia.nl

#156   03-11-2012

Diana Conroy

Thank you and God Bless you.

#155   25-10-2012

John Katsaros

Hello Andy Swinnen, I am the only surviving crew-member of the Jack Dunaway crew.
Shot down 20 March 1944.

I wish to thank you and your sons for maintaining our crewmember gravesite.
Please send me your email address and I will attach a Synopsis of the book I authored named "Code Burgundy-The Long Escape".
My book reveals what happened to our crew and our B-17 "Man O' War".

Mr. Baker put me in touch with your website.

Sincerely, John Katsaros, President AFEES, US Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society.

#154   25-10-2012

William G. Peters

Thank You for the time and effort to keep the memory of Lee J. Peters who perished in the line of duty in WW2

#153   25-09-2012

Jill Secoy

Thank You to all who are taking the time and effort to keep the memory of those alive who perished in the line of duty to bring freedom to all.

Thank you for all you have done.

#152   24-09-2012

James Sassaman

Hi Andy I saw in a local publication of "POOP FROM GROUP" that you and your boys have adoptedthe gravesite of 1st Lt William H. Green ID: O719056, (PA).
Bill Green and I attended the same to Navigator training school,Trained in B-17's and was in the same squadron of the 8th Air Force 401st Bomb Group in England.
We were very good friends.

I flew 35 missions, finishing up on November 26th,1944.
There were 10 crews assigned to our 401st Group.
4 of these crews were lost before our crew flew their last mission.

Jim Sassaman Navigator on Paul Sullivan's crew

#151   18-09-2012

Barb james

Thank you so much for this information.
My Aunt is Frank Zitkovic sister.
He was her favorite brother and she still misses him to this very day.
She is 84 and really has enjoyed reading this about her brother.

Thank you again from her and me.
It was information that I didn't know about

#150   05-09-2012

Steven R. Haskell

I love what you are doing with this site.
I have recently begun a new found love with genealogy and family history.
I stumbled upon your site in one of my many searches of historical records.

I will be looking for more background on Burton Sanford Davidson.
He isn't a relative of mine (I don't think anyway), but my interest has been peaked.
He was from the Athens Pennsylvania area that many of my own relatives came from.

#149   03-09-2012

Vicki Henderson

I saw an article in a family newsletter (on my Dad's side) regarding Harry Whorton Self.
His father and my grandfather were brothers.
As soon as I saw the picture I knew he was a family member on my mother's side.
He looks so much like my grandfather and uncles and cousins.

It is heart warming that someone has been taking care of him for so many years.
Thank you for caring about someone so far from home.

#148   03-09-2012

Roger Schellenberger

Thanks so much for the tributes.
It helps honor not only the men themselves, but the others who like my dad, made it back from the war and were forever changed by it.

#147   31-08-2012

Russ prechtl

Andy and family
Thanks so much for all the fantastic work honoring these brave young men who gave their lives for our freedom!
Your website is an impressive testimonial!

I'm looking for my F-16 photos of Nobody's Baby and will send along ASAP!

Russ Prechtl Lt Col, USAF (ret)

#146   28-08-2012


Thank you for this wonderful work!
These men sacrificed their lives for our freedom and you honor that sacrifice when you care for their graves.

Again, from my heart....THANK YOU!

#145   24-08-2012

Harriet Self Shields

Thank you so much for your all your hard work remembering those service men in my country who unselfishly served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Most of these men and women are gone now, but their memory lives on thanks to you and your efforts.

Thank you so much for what you are doing.

#144   20-08-2012

Barbara Miller

Thank you for the work that has gone into this site.
My uncle, Horace "boose" Wood, tail gunner on the "Hey Lou" which was lost on Dec 31, 1943.
His pilot was Capt D.H. Lawery.
Though I never knew him, I feel a tie to him like he is my guardian angel.

I have been able to learn so much about the 401st because of youre website.

Again I thank you so much.
Thank to all who served our country in this war.

Barbara Rowland Miller, Little Rock, AR, USA

#143   16-08-2012

Andrea Bagley

I just want to tell you again how glad I am that we connected after your post on the Dunn County Wisconsin Historical website looking for family of Everett Bushendorf.
It is heartwarming to know that you are helping to preserve my uncle's memory.
Thanks, Andy, I can't wait to see more updates on your website.

Andrea Bagley from Wisconsin

#142   26-07-2012

Donald Byers

In your efforts your getting close to my uncle who was KIA on 24 Aug 1944 on 42-97344.
Being named after him makes me proud.
But what you are doing makes me humble and a pleasure that I know you.

Donald Byers 401st BG Group Historian

#141   24-07-2012

Mijn ouders ( my parents )

Beste Andy
Een dik uur heb ik naar je verder uitgewerkte site gekeken, met verbazing hoe die gegroeid en op een zeer vakkundige manier.
Prachtig en zo gedetallieerd, waar haal je dat allemaal vandaan ?
Geen wonder dat jij zoveel positieve complimenten krijgt en dat dit alles nog zo leeft bij de families in America.!!
1000den uren werk zit hierin en zo mooi om te zien.
Hier dan ook een heel groot compliment van je Vader en Moeder, wij zijn heel trots op jou !!!!

Je Vader en Moeder.

#140   24-07-2012

Melissa toole

My grandpa was a ball turret gunner.
He survived 36 missions with the 401st my grandpa is my hero.
Thank you for putting this together.
It was amazing to see other photos and stats of the 401st.
His name is Eugene hall and he is still alive and well in California.

#139   24-07-2012


Andy, I sent the link to your website to the daughter of my friend who worked so long and hard on the memorial services each year.
She plans to send it on to the people at the Consulate in New Orleans.
Hope you don't mind.
You and your sons are high up on the list of beautiful people.

#138   24-07-2012

Frank Joseph Zitkovic, JR

Just viewed your site. Wonderful!!!
I cannot begin to express my feelings of gratitude for your efforts to honor our fallen warriors.
My Father would be ever so grateful to know that his efforts in Europe are remembered.

You are the true Hero for giving of your time and energies.
Too soon do we here in "island" America forget what it means to be free from oppresion.
Thank you for my Father and our family.

#137   19-07-2012

Richard Sanders

Andy, Such a kind, heart warming gesture! All my best to you and your sons.

#136   16-07-2012

Travis Getz

Hello,I found your website while searching for B-17 photos on the internet.
I was very pleased to read about you and your sons taking care of the graves of those airmen and your commitment not forget their contributions to freedom in Europe.
I just wanted to let you know that as an American, I really appreciate what you and your family are doing. How many sons do you have?
All the best wishes, Travis Getz

#135   16-07-2012

Ralph Rucinski

The kindness and compassion you have demonstrated in caring for our fallen servicemen is very touching.
I was nearly brought to tears when I read your post.
To think that s person from a country other than our own would display such respect has earned my admiration.
Perhaps the reason I became so emotional when reading about your actions is that my mother-in-law actually lived on the same street as the man you were seeking information on.
Also, I was named after my uncle, a B.17 tail gunner, killed near New Guinea during WW2.
I can only hope that the people in that part of the world display the gratitude that you have shown.
Thank you so much from my entire family, Ralph

#134   16-07-2012

George Finholt

I want to THANK YOU for your efforts in the name of ALL American Vets!
You are a HERO in my mind.
Thank you!

#133   16-07-2012

Nadyne Lynn

Andy, Thank you for adopting the graves of American soldiers.
I wrap my heart around you in love and appreciation.
May God bless you and your boys.
Warm regards, Nadyne Faulkenberry Lynn

#132   15-07-2012

Vickie Sheridan

A special thank you Andy to you and your sons for taking care of these graves.
What a loving thing to do.
My father returned from WWII but his brother gave his life in Italy at 17 years old.
His body was returned but the thought that a loving family would maintain a soldiers grave brings tears to my eyes.
Thank you.

#131   15-07-2012

Linda Holley

Thank you for remembering !!

#130   15-07-2012

janie zitkovic

Thank you very muc for taking care of the graves.
The one you are writing about is my husbands uncle, Frank Zitkovic
I would like to hear more and send this on to Frank's son and Frank's brothers and sisters.
Thanks again to you and your sons.

#129   15-07-2012

Deborah Trent Rozycki

God Bless you and your family for taking care of our soldiers.
There must be a special place in heaven for people whith such kind hearts.
Thank you for what you aqre doing.

Sincerely, Deborqh and family Jake, Douglas and April

#128   15-07-2012

Karen (Nichols) Rhoads

I was given an email that was sent to a friend, about one of the airman that you are asking about.
James Oliver Nichols was my great uncle.
Please feel free to contact me at my email address and I will see if I am able to help you with some information.

#127   14-07-2012

Bill Splitter

You & your boys are to be commended on the efforts spent in memorial to veterans.

#126   13-07-2012

Deborah Watt

Many thanks to you and your sons for your loving care of the gravesites.
I was a blessed child of the war as my father was able to make it home or I would not be here.
I will pray that these heroes will be soon found by their families.
In the meantime I think you from the bottom of my heart for the service your family bears upon them.

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